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Electronic Dance Music Around the Globe ( http://www.edmatg.com)

EDMATG, is a one-stop news outlet and resource for the best EDM information in your area and around the globe. It offers the best and most current info and tools needed to stay current on breaking news, event information, venue lineups and new releases. It encourages support of local and international DJ’s and Producers, as well creates an opportunity to interact and meet new people that share
the same love and passion for EDM.

EDMATG, was founded by EDM enthusiast and entrepreneur David Guzman, a visionary with a passion fueled by EDM. His goal from day one was to spread the love and passion for this amazing music no matter where you live or travel around the globe.

Thank you for your support of EDMATG! Stay tuned for more!

For more please visit us at:

http://www.EDMATG.com - http://www.facebook.com/edmatg - http://www.twitter.com/edmatg

©EDMATG is a DavidGuzmanProductions company - An EDMATG.com Network.

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